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Preparing your luggage is always a clue

"My husband and I have different point of view. He don't know what we really need!"     P.D.

If you plan to do lots of different types of activities on your vacation, you’ll have a fair amount of gear you need to pack into your suitcase. Keeping everything organized can be a challenge. One of the best things you can do when you're packing for any trip—especially one that requires packing lots of layers—is to use packing organizers.

The Eagle Creek Pack-It system is all about keeping your suitcase organized with packing organizers so that you know exactly where everything is, and so your clothing can be arranged and compressed, easily allowing you to fit more in your bag. Why spend your time packing and unpacking when you can quickly unpack by sliding your organizers directly into hotel drawers, and pack up quickly, getting seamlessly from one place to the next without having to rearrange your entire bag every time?

Wondering how to use packing cubes ? Basically, keep your clothing organized in compartments based on outfit type or activity type. Zippered packing cubes come in all shapes and sizes, making it easy to keep your bag neat and provide quick access to all the different things you'll need during your trip. You can use compression sacs or cubes to reduce the volume of your clothes by up to 80%—his is especially convenient for bulky items such as sweaters and jackets. And folders are great for keeping dress clothing nice, neat, and folded.

Another way to use packing cubes is to organize your travel packing list by item type. Keep all of your shirts together, all of your pants together, all of your underwear together, and all of your jackets together. If what you’re going to do each day is still up in the air, or you like to pick out your clothes the day of rather than having your outfits planned ahead of time, you’ll know exactly where to find each item of clothing. Shop all packing cubes now



●      Lightweight clothing that can be layered

●      Long-sleeved shirts

●      Sweaters or fleece jacket

●      T-shirts and tank tops (be respectful of the culture you are visiting)

●      Pants and/or shorts

●      Belt (check out this one for a ingenuitive money protection option)

●      Socks (wool socks are best for hiking and camping)

●      Comfortable walking shoes

●      Rain jacket, windbreaker or umbrella

●      Pajamas/sleepwear

●      Underwear

●      Sunglasses and glasses case

●      Dresses and/or skirts

●      Jewelry (organize in a small cube or sac)

●      Hat or sun visor

●      Scarf or bandana

●      Swimsuit or swim trunks (consider a clean/dirty organizer)

●      Cell phone and charger

●      Travel speakers

●      Travel pilloweye mask, and ear plugs

●      Electric converters and adapters

●      Travel apps that will help with language, directions, money conversion, and digital journaling


You’ll want to pack smart (not lots of) clothing options if your trip will take you to a variety of places, or conversely if you will be navigating off the beaten path. Having a packing list with several options doesn’t mean you’ll need to over-pack. (And in fact, you shouldn’t.) Just pack smart. Include clothing that can be worn on your daily adventures and then dressed up slightly with a different pair of shoes and a scarf. Maybe a dress that becomes a skirt, or comfortable travel pants that can be dressed up for a day at the market. Also consider clothing with SPF or mosquito repellency if you’ll be in environments where that would be beneficial.

Source: Vacation Packing List: The Ultimate Travel Essentials Checklist (

Get a practice version for your own convenience by clicking the folowing link : BASIC Travel luggages checklist.

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